When it’s gray and chilly the DOLPHINS – yep, they are out

Hi Yogis,

reminder we are on the beach rain or shine. We enjoy the beach in all her moods. When it’s gray and chilly it’s often just us and the fishermen..and DOLPHINS – yep, they are out there fishin’! Here are some pics from this morning from Sharons yoga class💗

Some tips for surviving a “Florida freeze” on the beach from Sharon a yogi who is always cold(lol!!!).

Cover your ears, cover your neck, bring big fuzzy socks and wear layers- remember we move more when it’s colder so make sure you can move😁 It really feels great to get that fresh cool air in our lungs and get in some invigorating yoga as we get into the cooler months contrasted with a slower practice when the weather is hot and humid.. and If it’s truly raining we are under cover- so every day is a good day for yoga! See you on the beach! Namaste!

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