When it’s gray and chilly the DOLPHINS – yep, they are out

Hi Yogis,

reminder we are on the beach rain or shine. We enjoy the beach in all her moods. When it’s gray and chilly it’s often just us and the fishermen..and DOLPHINS – yep, they are out there fishin’! Here are some pics from this morning from Sharons yoga class💗

Some tips for surviving a “Florida freeze” on the beach from Sharon a yogi who is always cold(lol!!!).

Cover your ears, cover your neck, bring big fuzzy socks and wear layers- remember we move more when it’s colder so make sure you can move😁 It really feels great to get that fresh cool air in our lungs and get in some invigorating yoga as we get into the cooler months contrasted with a slower practice when the weather is hot and humid.. and If it’s truly raining we are under cover- so every day is a good day for yoga! See you on the beach! Namaste!

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Beach Yoga at 8:30 AM

The good news is, we have many nice beach yoga mornings on Manasota Beach, sometimes even clouds. Here’s a picture of the relaxation at the end of the class on Wednesday. On that note, no smell and no coughing. We have been lucky. Come back to the beach and enjoy the morning Beach Yoga.
We will be there all through the holidays, even on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and on Saturday. Bring your guests. Anyone can participate and it is not difficult.


Manasota Beach Yoga Schedule Change

Manasota Beach Yoga
Schedule Change to 8:30 AM

Starting Tuesday, November 1st, Manasota Beach Yoga class times will permanently change to one class, Monday thru Saturday at 8:30 AM.

Classes will be 30 to 45 minutes long. On select days, Katja, Jocelyn and Lou will offer a short intermediate to advanced program for those who want the challenge.

Manasota Beach as we love it.

We all can use some Beach Yoga!

We are back on both Beaches with the Full Beach Yoga Schedule.

Manasota Beach:
Monday through Saturday at 8:30 AM

North Jetty Beach:
Daily at 9AM

We are welcoming all of the “old” and new Yogis for some relaxing exercise on the Beach.
Bring a towel or blanket and join.

A short class to get the day started and make you feel more relaxed, but energetic, stronger and more flexible. You can start from any level of health or age. Just a few classes and you will feel the difference.

Beach Yoga at North Jetty Beach, here with Lou from last season.

Summer is here

Manasota Beach Yoga is on Summer Break, and North Jetty Beach Yoga is on the Summer Schedule. Have a great Summer and continue your exercise wherever you are this Summer. If you are an early bird, you can also go and join Venice Beach Yoga daily at 8AM. Some of our teachers will be acting as guest teachers there is Summer.

Thank you for supporting our Beach Yoga

Snowbirds are leaving new visitors join

Today, whether you are inspired by the sentiments of Easter and Passover
or simply by the light-hearted song of a bird,
take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to enjoy the Beach with Yoga. 

We had a great season so far. Thanks to you!
Our Beach Yoga Schedule remains the same
until the End of June! 
Continue to come and send your friends.
Please help us with your great Trip Advisor reviews.  

Nokomis Beach /North Jetty Beach 
Every Day 9AM 

Manasota Beach 
Monday through Saturday  8AM

Presbyterian Church, Venice
Monday and Friday at 9AM – 50 minute class
(until End of May) 

Some Yogis asked about Katja’s Yoga Videos.
Click HERE for a VIDEO Beach Yoga Class

North Jetty Beach Yoga now Daily

Nokomis Beach/ North Jetty Beach Yoga is now every day at 9 am. We are happy to offer this extra day for everyone who can’t make Week days and is busy on Saturday Morning. There is no excuse left. Join Sharon on Sundays for Yoga at our perfect beach yoga studio at North Jetty Beach with view at the Jetty, dolphins and the Gulf of Mexico.
If you haven’t been there for a while come back and join. The yoga makes you feel soo much better!