Snowbirds heading back to the SUN, Beach Yoga Manasota Beach

Yogis on Manasota Beach

Welcome to all our new and “old” Snowbirds at Manasota Beach Yoga. We are seeing new faces every day at our yoga classes. It is so much fun to welcome everyone back.  The classes are growing in numbers.

Lou offers additional 15 minutes of advanced Yoga right after the end of his 9AM yoga class on Wednesday.

Toby is on Manasota Beach every Tuesday and Katja teaches Monday, Thursday and Friday.

We offer 2 classes, 8 AM and 9AM. You can do one or stay for both.

The classes are great for all ages and levels. Beginners and couch potatoes are welcome.

No Yoga mat needed, just bring a blanket and join us.

Our teachers are certified and insured.

The classes are supported solely by Free Will donations. Ample free parking is available.

The address is 8570 Manasota Key Rd, Englewood, FL 34223. Just turn on to Manasota Beach Road from 776 (Englewood Rd) and drive until you go over the bridge.

It’s Chilly In Florida

Thanks to our “tough” Yogis for showing up over the last cold days we had. 
If you wonder how that works, here is the answer.
We all dress in layers and warmer than usual. Cold day classes are little more  vigorous with the addition of some “aerobic” exercises to get and keep us warm. We also include a share of our usual and so important stretches, balances and more.  
More often than not, the sun comes out and warms us up. 
The air is crisp and fresh and students often say they feel even more invigorated doing Yoga on a cold day.
No cancellation for cold weather, your teachers will be there regardless of  the temperature.*

“I can’t even reach my toes.”

17361961_1476616159046947_4581503570016061115_n“I can’t do Yoga, can’t even reach my toes.” I often hear this or a similar reactions to my mentioning our yoga classes for all abilities and ages. The answer can come from 32, 65 or 85 year olds alike.
Hearing this is troubling because yoga seems to have a reputation to be only for the already fit, limber, slim and healthy. This is absolutely not the case. Yoga is an exercise routine that makes everyone feel better, as long as it is done with a good warm up and within your abilities.
Weight or inflexibility is not a problem, nor is it a problem if one can’t balance on one leg very well or even not at all. We have students in our classes with a variety of ailments, young, old and very old. Yoga makes them feel stronger, better and yoga lessens their pain.
When you come to a class, introduce yourself to the teacher, share your concerns, hear their feedback and enjoy the experience.


Introducing our teachers – Katja

17426091_1476599569048606_6598822406186010826_nBefore moving to the US, Katja had enjoyed successful career in Sales and Marketing in Europe. For the past decade, Katja has owned her own business as an event and wedding vendor.

After enjoying Yoga for several years Katja became a certified Yoga Teacher and she truly enjoys teaching and practicing Yoga. Her beach yoga classes are based on Hatha yoga and designed for all abilities and all ages. She makes it fun and social but, most of all, relaxing and strengthening.

Katja finds it challenging and rewarding to teach a group of Yoga students who are in different stages of their lives, on divergent paths in their journeys into Yoga and with a wide variety of fitness levels.

To see the will and effort of these students to improve and accomplish their goals, each in their own way, is extremely humbling yet gratifying.

Katja is available for yoga classes and pool yoga in local communities.

Besides Yoga, Katja enjoys Stand Up Paddle Boarding. She assists, her mentor and friend, Elin Larsen with group Paddle Board lessons on Venice Beach.

photo credit to Sharron Bourget


from our  Manasota Beach Yoga Team. We will be on the beach for all Yoga classes during the holidays.
We are looking forward to see you at the beach, to help with the stress free and relaxing time. Bring your visitors and introduce them to our wonderful lifestyle.

Our regular classes are  Mo – Sat 9 AM and Sun – Fri 5 PM.  no cancellation for the holidays. 

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